Easy Remote Management

Download 1.9.5 (Windows) Ulterius tells you all you need to know about your PC

Complete control of your desktop — from your browser.

Access your computer files on the go with Ulterius

Always Accessible

Need to grab a document from home, or want to share photos from your phone? Download and upload files with the simple, but powerful, file browser.

Monitor the performance of your computer in real-time

Monitor Everything

Access all the information your computer dispenses. From thermal output to webcams, Ulterius allows you to monitor everything about your machine in real-time.

Experience fast remote desktop inside your web browser

Pain-free Remote Desktop

Finally, a Remote Desktop solution that is simple to setup and use. Simply connect to the client in your browser and log in like you normally would. No more fussing about with external programs and special passwords.

Access your terminal shell remotely and do everything from SSH to powershell

Task Manager, Command Prompt, PowerShell, and More

Manage programs and run scripts from the comfort of your browser. Kill an unresponsive process or start a new one from your laptop, tablet, phone — anywhere!